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The values that define RocketPlay

Creators first

Our goal isn't to focus on making a lot of money or getting as many users as we can. We instead focus on our creators: can their work be rewarded? What tools do they need ? We try and put as much work as possible towards our creator's needs and ideas.
Fair remuneration

One of the biggest problems that online content creators encounter is unstable revenue. With our FairTrade system, site-wise currency and subscriptions, we try and give the creators the tools and means they need to make both a living out of their channel but also bring rewards to their community
Quality over Quantity

Quality should always be your focus when creating videos: our recommendation algorithm makes sure to push content people actually watch and love. Enjoy more visibility when creating quality content, no matter how big your follower count is. It should never be about making views, it should be about pushing content people enjoy.